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Would you like to sponsor a Pro-Life Billboard that is located in the Grand Traverse County and Surrounding Areas?  Now you can!  Every month we have a Pro-Life Billboard displayed in our area.  Please help us by sponsoring a billboard for a month!  The cost is $525 per month and if we have the funds, we could have more than one billboard up at a time.  Let's get the Pro-Life Message Out to Our Community!!


NOTE:  Billboard may be different from what is pictured.  If you would like to sponsor a whole Billboard and want it to be one of the ones pictured, please let us know!

Billboard Sponsor

  • Please let us know if you want us to use a specific billboard pictured.  Just tell us which one you want.  Obviously the ThanksLiving and the Christmas one are seasonal, but you can pick those too and we will have them up that time of year!!!

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