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Newest Billboard location and more...

This is our Billboard that is located on South Airport Road, right next to our office, it went up September 30, 2019.  You can see it right across from Goodwill.  

Would you like to help put more Pro-Life billboards up in our community like the one above?  To help us share the pro-life message in our area in this way just visit our shop and purchase one.

A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who contributed to help us finance our billboards this year. Those who believe in the lie of "choice" are increasingly brazen and vocal. Thanks for helping us maintain a strong and constant Pro-Life presence in this community. The 2019 Billboard Project supporters are now listed below. God bless you all for your part in HIS work! You ARE making a difference!


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We are a local affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan. Together we enjoy a shared membership agreement. When you become a member of Grand Traverse Area Right to Life, you also become a member of Right to Life of Michigan.

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Membership Matters Month is coming in June. But it's not too early to join or renew. Click below to find out more about it.


The Wolverine at Grand Traverse Resort

22nd Annual Life Links Golf Outing!!

Join us on Thursday, May 23, 2019

(What a deal! And an opportunity to support life at the same time!)


Join us for a great day on the Wolverine at Grand Traverse Resort!  Your $135 registration includes lunch, snacks, dinner, a bucket of range balls, a 2 for 1 golf certificate for the Wolverine or Spruce, and of course, 18 holes of golf on the lovely Gary Player-designed Wolverine. There are door prizes, cash prizes, and even an opportunity to win a new car courtesy of Bill Marsh Auto in our Hole in One Contest!   You can also help sponsor this "culture of life" event, and we welcome your inquiries and support.  Help us keep the pro-life message alive!  Brochures with registration/sponsorship forms are available below or at our office. Or just ask and we'll happily send you one. Come and see why everyone’s excited about this golf outing. See you there!



See story and pictures on Teens for Life page

Local March for Life

See story and pictures on Teens for Life page

40 Days For Life Report: Fall 2018 Campaign

592 lives saved from abortion * 9 abortion workers quit their jobs * 3 abortion facilities closed

Since 2007:  15,235 lives saved  *  186 abortion workers quit * 99 abortion facilities closed

Thanks to everyone who participated. 

Special thanks to Jeff Bergman for heading up this campaign locally, and the countless hours onsite. 

May God bless you all richly for your efforts on behalf of life.


Little Geno was born on April 27, 2017 and has struggled all his young life with a condition called infantile Pompe Disease. This rare condition is caused by a genetic enzyme deficiency which causes an inability to break down glycogen. This means excess sugar is stored in muscles throughout the body, causing heart and muscle weakness, breathing issues, and multiple other problems. As a result, at one and a half, Geno still can't sit up on his own or walk. He has spent 3/4 of his life in hospitals, much of it in intensive care. There is hope that a new gene therapy will help with the weakness and allow him to eat normally, breathe without oxygen, crawl and walk. Through it all, Geno is a happy baby with a ready smile, who brings joy to his family and everyone around him. Geno was chosen to be the 2018 Baby of the Year by attendees of the 2018 Focus on Life dinner.  Our love and prayers are with him and his family.

Third Annual
National Day of Prayer and Protest
Against Planned Parenthood

On April 28, over 60 local pro-lifers gathered in front of the local Planned Parenthood for an hour of public prayer and witness.  At the same time, protesters at over 150 locations in 40 states nationwide were joining together to bring the same message - "We don't need Planned Parenthood."  Reliable sources say that Kellyanne Conway met with President Trump to brief him on how he can fulfill his campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood, and she told him about the #ProtestPP rallies! The event is sponsored by Created Equal, the Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and co-sponsored by over 80 other organizations. See stories and pictures from other locations here.

Patients Rights Seminar

We were so blessed to have Ms. Rita Marker come to Traverse City on April 9 for this timely seminar. Those who attended were impressed with her amazing knowledge in this area and the many resources she offered. The information she shared is so vital to having our lives be guided by our own values and wishes instead of someone else's ideas. It was somewhat unnerving to learn that so many things sound good but by no means guarantee your wishes will be followed. If you missed this event, you may want to go to the Patients Rights Council website and read some of the articles about Advance Directives (yes, we all need one - and not a living will). There's a Contact page on the website and you can send a message or even ask a question. 

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Mission Statement

We strive to achieve the passage and ratification of a Human Life amendment, to educate people on identified Right to Life issues, to motivate them into action, to encourage community support for and participation in programs and legislation that foster respect for human life and to promote prolife candidates. We support only peaceful, legal activities as a means to restoring legal protection to the preborn and other defenseless human beings.

We work on behalf of defenseless or vulnerable human beings, born and unborn, within our identified life issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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