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what is an abortion?

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What is an Abortion?

An abortion is a medical procedure by which an unborn child, also known as an embryo or fetus depending on what stage of development they are in, is purposefully removed from the uterus (in various ways) resulting in the death of the child.

Fetal Development

During the 1st Trimester (Week 1-Week 12) 
The child's heartbeat can be detected at 22 days after conception or fertilization.
Four weeks after fertilization leg and arm buds are developing.
Six weeks after fertilization
brain waves are detected.
At 8 weeks over 90% of body features found in adults are found in the embryo.
After 8 weeks the child is now called a fetus (Latin word for offspring).

At 10 weeks the child can swallow.

During the 2nd Trimester (Week 13- Week 24)
At week 13, teeth are starting to form.
During weeks 15-20 the child develops sweat glands, stem cells in their bone marrow & has a functioning digestive system.

During the 3rd Trimester (Week 25- Week 36) 
During weeks 25-30 the child produces tears, their pupils react to light & frequently practices breathing movements.
Weeks 31-40 the child is drinking almost two cups of amniotic fluid a day & eventually initiates birth.

Abortion Procedures

Abortion Pills-Medical/Chemical Abortions
Approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy during the 1st Trimester.
Two pills, Mifepristone & Misoprostol are taken to block necessary progesterone & then to cause contractions to expel the baby.
Causes severe cramping, heavy bleeding which can last for several hours to several days. Maternal deaths have occurred.

Suction D&C- Surgical Abortion
Performed during 1st Trimester, up to 13 weeks
Suction catheter is inserted into the mother's uterus to extract (suction out) the preborn baby. 
Tools are used to scrape the lining of uterus to remove any remaining parts of the child.
Injury to the uterus, cervix, intestines & bladder can occur. Complications in future pregnancies have occurred.

D&E Abortion- Surgical Abortion
Performed during the 2nd Trimester, between 13 & 24 weeks.
Instruments are used to dismember & extract baby from uterus. Amniotic fluid is removed & a sopher clamp (grasping instrument with rows of sharp teeth) grasps & pulls baby's arms and legs off the body. Baby's head is crushed before removing, as it is too large to remove without crushing.

Significant immediate risk of major complications.

Induction Abortion- Lethal Dose Injection
Performed at 25 weeks & on in the 3rd Trimester.
An almost fully developed baby that is considered viable, is injected with digoxin that causes cardiac arrest & the mother delivers a dead baby days later. 
High risk of hemorrhage, lacerations, uterine perforations & risk of maternal death.


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