Pro-Life Presence: Billboard Project

Each year local area churches have the opportunity to gather donations to support billboards in our community and surrounding area.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to help us finance our billboards this year. Those who believe in the lie of "choice" are increasingly brazen and vocal. Thanks for helping us maintain a strong and constant Pro-Life presence in this community. The 2022 Billboard Project supporters are listed in the link below. 

You can also help sponsor a billboard for $475 which will help us share the pro-life message in our area, visit our shop to purchase one!

Community Bible Study for Post Abortive Women

We offer a community Bible Study for post abortive women called "Surrendering the Secret", by Pat Layton. 


Surrendering the Secret is a powerful 8-step Bible Study that helps hurting women find the path to healing and freedom through the hope of Scripture; meaningful hands-on experiences; unique journal exercises; and confidential, caring community.


This effective Bible Study is one that is so needed in our community!  There are so many who have been affected by abortion and they need healing.  If you would like more information on this Bible Study and would like to watch a short promotional video, click here.

If you would like to donate to help with material cost for a women to go through this study- click here.   Then just type in the amount you would like to donate and in the drop down menu choose "Post Abortive Bible Study".  For one woman to complete the study the cost is $25.  A donation of any amount helps this important outreach.

 Education &
Political Action


We, as an affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan, provide factual information on the topics of abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia to help educate our local citizens on life issues relevant today.


Legislative Action

We participate in the legislative process so that laws are passed on behalf of defenseless and vulnerable human beings - born and unborn.


Political Action

We are involved in the political arena so that we can elect officials who will protect innocent members of our human family.